Learn About Marine Detailing With Integrity Yacht Detailing

We are dedicated professionals located in South Florida and have developed a true passion for our boat detailing operations here in the community! We have lived in the area for over a decade and have spent our lives on the water, learning and enjoying the wonderful experiences that come along with being a Floridian. As we continue to service the community with their needs, we have become known for our passion and dedication towards providing exceptional work that creates a lasting impression.

The Beginning of Integrity

Integrity Yacht Detailing was created based on a Father and Son entrepreneurial hobby which developed into a full fledged business and has prospered wonderfully ever since. If you’ve worked with us before you have most likely come into contact with our captain of the ship, Ian Ratty, who mans the operations and the day to day functions at Integrity.

Our Knowledge Within The Marine Community

Ian has formed a thorough understanding of automotive and marine transportation which has allowed Integrity to drive results even further. Although our primary business is to create a cleaner and more visually appealing taste to your marine lifestyle, it’s always a positive to have another pair of eyes on your vessel to verify that everything appears to be in check. With years of experience in fishing and leisurely traveling about the Caribbean islands, we have experienced many trouble first hand, allowing us to fully understand issues that can arise with your vessel.

Step By Step Detailing Made For Perfection!

Our process has been developed over the years while performing these tasks throughout the southern area. With first in class cleaning products and accessories, you will be sure to come back to a clean boat that will leave a positive impression on you and your guests! While performing our work, we aim to start at the highest points, working our way towards the bottom as run off continues to spread through out uncleaned areas that are below the current washing points. Whether we are washing the boat in the water or out of the water, this process has been found to always be the best bet, allowing us to maximize the work performed, without any missed spots!

Our Boat Cleaning Services

From the exterior to the interior, including dashboards, electronics and mirrors we make sure that every angle of the boat is in pristine condition for your upcoming use. We have also created packages within our business in order to aid to those who frequently hit the water and want to enjoy their time without having to clean up the mess! These plans increase in frequency, allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. For those looking for a single time wash, you can be sure to find the best pricing and highest quality work here at Integrity!

We Aim To Be The #1 Boat Detailer!

We provide references for those who may be interested in hearing from others who have experienced our work! We truly believe that we aid to a more positive boating experience and we love making the community a more pleasant place as a whole! Thank you for visiting our page to learn more about us, we look forward to servicing you!


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Why Did We Choose The Marine Community?

we simply love the marine life. Constantly being around the water has developed a true passion for the community and we genuinely want to help those that are taking time to enjoy the water. Simple put, we love the water and it’s our home!

How Long Have We Performed Our Services?

With over a decade of experience we have been able to bring our work from previous employment at marinas and in the community.  By constantly performing these services we thought that we should go on our own and invest into our own business… here we are!

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